Photography and Photo Encaustic Art

Once  an avid surfer, I've taken to kayaking and other water sports, so living near water is a necessity. Photography and travel are next in line. Photography is my favorite form of expression. It forces me to look closely, go slow, take in natural and man-made wonders, and then create an interpretive image, whether straight photography or mixed media. My father was a big influence on my love of photography. He practiced medium and large format photography for many years, and opened a photo studio in Cocoa Beach when he retired from the Air Force and the space center in the 1970s. When I travel, which is as often as possible, I pay close attention to weather, and sunrise and sunset times to prepare for the ultimate photo shoot.  Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, but all conditions yield unique images. For me, photography and all it entails is a form of meditation and is restorative.