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Why Photography?

     My love for travel and nature inspires me to photograph details that define a place, season or location. I'm intrigued by backroad towns, structures and elements of the past. Having lived near a coast almost my entire life, marinas, boats and piers are often subjects or backdrops of my photographs, too.

     Posting photos on social media or the internet is one thing, but watching an image that started as a RAW  file carefully postprocessed using Lightroom, Photoshop and perhaps DXO plug-ins roll off the printer on high-quality archival acid-free fine art photography paper after calibrating my monitor and applying a specific ICC profile is an entirely different experience altogether. Calibrating the monitor assures that the colors I see on my monitor will be the same as what comes off my printer. I've yet to jump on the print-on-aluminum bandwagon. The challenge and satisfaction I get from printing is embedded.  I often wish I'd taken printmaking classes.

     Somewhere in the creative process is deciding if the image will be printed and framed in a traditional mat and frame presentation, become part of a series, or be used in a mixed media piece. Sometimes I've made that decision before actually making the photograph, other times I go back to photos taken sometimes years earlier and repurpose them for mixed media projects. Usually landscapes and large structures such as piers become framed and smaller objects are used in mixed media projects.

     Along with four semesters of college photography courses at Brevard Community College and the University of Central Florida, I've attended a National Geographic and other photography presentations.  Mostly, I'm self-taught in both the technological and artistic aspects of the practice.

     In my photography section you'll find an array of images covering my various photographic interests.

Sally Auman Titus

May 17, 2021


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