Making photographs draws me into exploring our culturally and physically diverse world. It doesn't matter if it's a grand landscape, a winding village road, a busy city street or a laid-back beach town, I love the challenge of composing and rendering photographs to stand alone or to incorporate in mixed media pieces that provoke viewers to wonder, want, comment or relate to something in their lives. When making art, I'm usually in a state of flow and nothing else matters. Time stands still.  Inspiration comes to me from many places and things, especially  from other artists' creativity, vision and perspectives.



       At a young age I was exposed to photography and cameras because my father was a professional photographer and I'd spend time in his studio and lab. I love art. In high school all my electives were in art. I didn't have much interest in math or most sciences.  Funny my son would turn out to be a physicist.  In college I took photography courses at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels which included analog and digital photography and processing. And then about ten years ago, I began to explore alternative processes such as polaroid transfer, emulsion transfer, cyanotype and scanner photography.


     My work has been exhibited around Cocoa Beach including The Beachside Resident business office, Coastal Produce market, Studios of Cocoa Beach gallery, and currently Juice N Java Cafe, wine bar and music venue.  Outside of Cocoa Beach my work has been exhibited at the Sanford Welcome Center, and has been published in a National Park brochure, Wavelength magazine, Cocoa Beach Lifestyle magazine, Travel + Leisure online, Que Pasa? Puerto Rico tourism magazine, and various promotional material. A few years ago, I was the recipient of a second runner up award for a photograph I entered in a Lake Tahoe Educational Foundation photography contest, and not long ago I was honored to be chosen by a gifted high school student for an interview for a semester-long photography club she put together as a graduation requirement.

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