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     Encaustic is a method of painting using beeswax, resin and pigment that goes back centuries and was once used to weatherproof ships and paint tomb portraits because it solidifies quickly, is durable, can be reworked and can last a very long time. In modern times encaustic is used by artists for painting, mixed media or sculpture.  In my case, I use my photographs and encaustic medium with other materials to create alternative ways to present my photographs to make unique and one of a kind pieces.   Contact



November 15, 2020


Care of Encaustic

Encaustic art melts at 150 degrees so must be displayed away from direct sunlight and to prevent cracking must be kept from freezing temperatures. Curing takes 6-12 months and a naturally occurring hazy film called bloom may occur and can be removed if polished with a soft cloth such as a chamois. Encaustic art may be brought to a glossy shine if buffed with a soft cloth. Care must be taken not to scratch the surface.

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